The Drop: STEP 22 REEF Hybrid Organization Panels

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Organizing our gear is a big part of EDC, ensuring that everything we need is readily available and easy to access, whether in the city, driving our cars, or staying at home. STEP 22’s REEF Hybrid Panels are an innovative take on organization, with a fully customizable, highly modular system that adapts to your own personal items.

What makes the REEF Hybrid Attachment System unique is its combination of Velcro One-Wrap fasteners configured into MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) on a base layer made from CORDURA nylon. The panels might seem like a typical MOLLE at first glance, but since STEP 22 incorporated the use of adjustable Velcro, you can create your own system of holsters, slots, and holders that are fully adapted to your own needs. The REEF Hybrid panel’s backside can be attached to any loop-type surface or MOLLE panel, allowing you to place them on walls, vehicle visors, or even inside bags and other containers.

What we like: It’s ultra-thin, highly modular, easily attachable, and extremely adaptable to possibly every use case you can think of.

What to watch out for: Sizing options are limited for now, so you may have to purchase several depending on how many items you need to store.

Final verdict: The unique combination of MOLLE with Velcro makes for a highly adaptable system that makes organizing your items quick and easy. Choose your panel size at start organizing your gear at the link below.

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