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Many athletic clothing brands often use synthetic materials as part of their apparel lineup. You’ll see things like “quick-drying,” “odor-resistant,” and “breathable” as part of their features, leading you to believe that these high-performance garments were exquisitely engineered to have those invaluable features to assist you in your workouts.

But nature actually figured all of this out centuries ago. Merino sheep are a fantastic fluffy source of some of the most performant wool on the planet, and many clothing brands—like Unbound Merino—have put it to good use. Merino wool is natural, sustainable, and has vastly superior properties over similar materials used in clothing, even those oriented to athletic pursuits. It insulates well, is soft but not scratchy, is anti-static, hydrophilic (it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while still feeling dry), and, best of all, anti-odor too. Add those up and it’s a spectacular material to use for even the most demanding clothing.

Unbound Merino’s new Active Line is all this and more, introducing a lineup of athletic wear for both men and women to be the last gym clothes they’d need. All of merino’s best features come to play in a collection that includes shirts, tanks, and shorts for every activity, with odor resistance, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and lightweight packability, allowing the material to shine while you work up a sweat. Clean lines and neutral colors pair with thoughtful features like raglan sleeve cuts and split hems to maximize their utility in and out of the gym. And when you’re done with your sets, Unbound Merino has an entire catalog of apparel to level up the rest of your wardrobe.

What we like: Merino wool has all the benefits of performance clothing while being all-natural and sustainable, and cuts and designs specifically for active users are a welcome addition to the gym bag.

What to watch out for: Like most merino wool apparel, the material still comes with a bigger price tag compared to most regular cotton or synthetic clothing. The advantage is, due to its reusability, you don’t need to buy many to last days’ and weeks’ worth of workouts. Also note that the Active Line is currently on pre-order and will ship in early May.

Final verdict: More merino good, purpose-designed for the gym even better.

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