The Drop: Victorinox Ranger 55 Mic Damast LE 2023 Multi-tool

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

In 2010, Victorinox released their first Swiss Army Knife with a Damascus Steel blade, a Limited Edition Pioneer of 2010 pieces. Since then, Victorinox has released a yearly limited edition with the same eye-catching steel. This year’s addition to the series is the Ranger 55 Mic Damast Limited Edition 2023, limited to only 7000 pieces worldwide.

We’ve come a long way since 2010, and the Ranger 55 Mic Damast Limited Edition 2023 showcases advancements in metallurgy and craftsmanship with a blade made from Damasteel and scales made from Micarta, which is a thermoset plastic that can withstand extremes in heat and cold, resists moisture, and does not become brittle with age. Damasteel takes the traditional forging process of Damascus steel to the next level by using powder metallurgical steel manufacturing. This modern method improves and refines the traditional process, producing steel with fewer impurities and inclusions than standard Damascus steel. As a result, Damasteel has high corrosion resistance, strength, and excellent edge retention. The blade is produced in 320 layers and has a Dense Twist pattern that reveals the intricate layers of the steel, giving it a distinctive look.

The Damast Limited Edition 2023 is based on the original Ranger 55, which won the Red Dot Design award for its sleek and ergonomic design. It features 10 functions that cover a wide range of tasks, including a wood saw, corkscrew, can opener with a 3mm screwdriver, bottle opener with a lockable 5mm screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer, punch and sewing awl, and, of course, the key ring that allows you to attach the knife to your keychain or bag.

What we like: It’s everyone’s favorite multi-tool enhanced with Damasteel and durable, comfortable Micarta scales, with the added collectibility of being a limited edition release.

What to watch out for: Sequentially numbered with only 7000 units available worldwide, expect these to be snatched up quickly, so act fast to get your hands on one.

Final verdict: The venerable Swiss Army Knife is a multi-tool legend, and the Ranger 55 Mic Damast Limited Edition 2023 combines its functionality with beautiful design and exclusivity.

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