The Drop: Wuben L1 Dual-Head Flashlight

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It’s a big EDC market out there, and tons of awesome gear is released all the time. We made The Drop to help you discover the latest and greatest essentials worth a spot in your EDC.

Typically, for EDC flashlights, a spotlight and a floodlight entail using separate lights, primarily due to how the head with its LED and reflector are constructed for each type of function. There’s not much space to squeeze in both functionalities well (which is why zoomie flashlights are not the best at either task) and still keep the flashlight compact for EDC. So it comes to our surprise that Wuben took it upon itself to try and make a do-it-all light with the L1 Dual-Head flashlight.

As the name suggests, the L1 has two discrete light sources sharing two sides of the same head: a spotlight and a floodlight. The spotlight is located at the front and provides a focused beam of light, while the floodlight is situated on the side to give a broader beam of light and let you carry the light at an angle, such as attached to the shoulder strap of your backpack. You can use both light sources simultaneously or separately depending on your needs. The flashlight also has multiple modes for each light source, allowing you to choose the optimal brightness level and runtime for different situations.

The spotlight features a maximum brightness of 2,000 lumens from its Luminus SST-40-W LED, throwing as far as 350 meters. It’s enough for most outdoor activities and emergencies when you need to illuminate objects at a distance. Two LED options are available for the floodlight (auxiliary light). You can get the OSRAM P9 version with a brighter 1,000 lumens max output or the Nichia 519A version with a slightly lower max brightness of 600 lumens but a higher CRI over 90 for better color clarity and identification.

The L1’s novelty doesn’t end at simply having dual functionalities. You can rotate the head to swap out which LED takes the front and side positions, doubling its utility. And with its magnetic tail, you can attach the flashlight to any metal surface, freeing your hands up for other tasks, such as repairing, cooking, or reading.

The light comes with a 4800mAh 21700 battery, providing up to 90 hours of continuous use in low mode. It also supports onboard fast charging with USB-C, which fully charges the L1 in just 2.5 hours. The built-in battery doubles as a portable power bank, so you can charge your smartphone or other devices on the go.

What we like: Two functionalities in four combinations of lighting utility. Wuben is also giving out a 25% discount to Eveydary Carry readers with code EDC25 on checkout.

What to watch out for: The knurling is reserved for the tail end, and the body anodizing is glossy and a bit slippery, which might make it hard to grip the flashlight in wet or sweaty conditions. But IP68-rated resistance will let the light thrive even in those conditions.

Final verdict: The Wuben L1 Dual-Head flashlight is a versatile and powerful lighting solution that works as two capable lights in one, which is a great thing to have when you’re not sure what to expect from your trip.

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