The James Brand Mehlville Carabiner

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When choosing gear to carry essentials as important as your keys, you want something that’s durable, lightweight, and above all, dependable. You might know The James Brand for making sleek knives with these very same qualities. With their new Mehlville carabiner, they’re bringing what they do best to another staple in your EDC kit: your keychain. The Mehlville is a refreshing take on the standard carabiner with useful features and subtle design decisions that EDCers can appreciate.

The clip itself forms two compartments on the top and bottom of the carabiner so it’s easy to keep your gear organized. You’ll also find a stud opposite the gate that functions as a bottle opener. Both the gate pin and bottle opener stud are made from durable 304 stainless steel. The James Brand chose 6063 aluminum as the base material to keep the weight down while maintaining its strength. They’ve then anodized the surface to increase the scratch- and corrosion-resistance to help keep it look as good as it did from day one. Instead of using bent or molded metal, the Mehlville is actually machined from a solid block of aluminum. This process results not only in a sleek fit and finish, but also in a stronger tool overall without the seams or points of weakness you’d get from more common manufacturing methods.

If you’re looking for a stylish and sleek way to keep your keychain setup organized, the Mehlville is an excellent option from a trusted brand in the EDC community. You can add one to your key setup by picking one up at the link below!

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