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A few years ago and with a nice array of knives already in their catalog, The James Brand was looking for a way to bring a multi-tool into their lineup. This was a task that required some thought since they’re known for their minimalist designs, and it was a delicate line between form and function that they had to tread. The end result, though, was in true The James Brand fashion: an essential assortment of tools in a slim and elegant package in what would be called the Ellis.

Back in present day, The James Brand decided to revisit the Ellis and make a few modifications to improve both its utility and performance. A lot has changed from the original—tools were added, some got removed, and others upgraded, all of it focused on making the experience of carrying a minimalist multi-tool the best it can be.

The biggest change to the new Ellis is the addition of a pair of scissors into the mix. It’s a great asset to the Ellis since it gives it a new way to perform delicate or intricate cuts that sometimes a blade just isn’t suited for. This inclusion unfortunately means the removal of the original bottle opener/screwdriver combination tool, but not all the functionality is lost. Like on the original, on the pommel of the new Ellis you’ll find a scraper and pry tool making best use of the space. It’s now a bit slimmer at the end to help it perform as a flat-head screwdriver, and added a hollow section in the middle to serve as a lanyard hole.

And while the bottle opener will be missed, everything else that made the Ellis great remains, including the centerpiece 3.1“ blade made out of Sandvik 12C27 steel. It retains the combination of serrated and plain edges as well as the drop point shape, providing you with all the versatility you need in a cutting tool. The knife also transitions to a more traditional slipjoint mechanism from the original’s back lock.

Last but not least is the new Ellis’s change from its aluminum scales for the option of either Micarta or G-10. No matter which one you choose, they both will provide you with a more secure grip while reducing the weight of the tool, an impressive feat considering its overall length is now longer at 6.5“ compared to the original’s 6.1”. Finally, a deep carry wire clip ensures the multi-tool stays securely attached to your pockets.

Pick up the new Ellis in your choice of three colors from The James Brand at the link below.

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