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When you think of a powerful LED flashlight that can throw a light out to a considerable distance, it’s likely you wont have a compact EDC torch in mind. That’s because you usually have to trade off those features as part of getting a light that won’t take up too much space in your pockets. But with the new ThruNite Catapult Mini, you don’t have to make that compromise. In fact, it can throw a powerful beam out to a staggering 1968 feet ahead of you, all while remaining pocketable and lightweight to boot. It’s a great option for EDC when lighting up items in the distance is important for you, while still wanting to carry light.

The heart of the ThruNite Catapult Mini’s impressive power is its OSRAM KW.CSLNM1.TG LED module. It’s a mouthful, but it means the light can push 680 claimed lumens out the front out to 598 meters or about 2,000 feet into the distance for up to 70 minutes (with reduced output). And it’s able to do this while being an impressively small 3.75″ long with an IPX-8-rated water-resistant aluminum body and an anti-slip design that makes this immensely-pocketable flashlight easy to handle even when your hands are wet.

The light comes with a 1.000mAh 18350 battery, and the design features plug-in USB-C rechargeability for added convenience. The side switch activation allows for easy on-and-off operation as well as selection of 5 other modes all the way down to a 0.5-lumen Firefly mode with a claimed runtime of 106 hours perfect for extended period of darkness or emergency situations.

The ThruNite Catapult Mini‘s pocketable design and small footprint gives you go-anywhere searchlight power without having to bring a huge and bulky light on your adventures. Add one to your carry at link below.

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