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With every passing year, the bar for handheld flashlights gets raised higher and higher. As recent as a few years ago 1,000 lumens was the norm, features were sparse, and the handheld light was more a focused tool rather than a robust all-around EDC device. But tech waits for no one, and now flashlights in the same form factor are able to do nearly everything you need for an everyday light, and so much more. ThruNite brings together tactical, practical, and EDC into their new TT10 flashlight. For those looking for a light that can do it all, this is the all-in-wonder for you.

The TT10 is a 5.4“ flashlight built with anodized aluminum that’s almost-but-not-quite sized for pocket EDC. Although it has a larger head that makes it difficult to carry, there’s plenty of good tradeoffs in its favor: an XHP 70B LED able to push out 3,700(!) claimed lumens on Turbo made possible with its included 21700 battery. While uncommon, it comes with a slew of benefits, like a 5,000 mAh capacity which gives the TT10 crazy runtimes, including 57 days(!) on its 0.5-lumen Firefly setting. Built-in micro USB charging on the light also takes care of refueling so you don’t even need a separate charger.

The TT10’s tail design is where it sets itself apart: it has 2 mechanical switches—one for direct access to Strobe, the other for Turbo. This allows for both momentary and “override” activation, meaning it will jump to those modes regardless of what setting you’re on. On the TT10’s side is the usual electronic switch, which as expected advances the light’s 6 modes and doubles as a battery/charging indicator as well.

You can opt for a neutral white option for its LED, and it comes with a sub-lumen Firefly mode even when plenty of modern lights don’t even go down to 1 lumen. And even with a rubber boot covering for its micro USB port, the light is rated IPX8 for up to 2 meters of water resistance. Its size is its drawback for EDC, as well as the lack of a clip, but an included holster and lanyard still opens up options for carry.

ThruNite’s TT10 shows that there’s always more performance, always more improvement to be squeezed out of this familiar form factor. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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