Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen

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There are plenty of write-anywhere EDC pens out there, but they’re not without their problems. They’re often too small to comfortably write with, lack a pocket clip, and all look relatively the same. What’s unique about the Tombow AirPress is not just that it writes upside down and on wet paper, but how it does it. Not to mention, there are other EDC-focused features that make it an excellent upgrade to your standard ballpoint pen.

Instead of using a pressurized ink cartridge, the AirPress has a self-pressurizing mechanism built right into the pen. Each click of the pen primes the ink cartridge to write for nearly 500 feet in less than ideal conditions. Once the pen is primed, you can write upside down, on wet paper, and through dust and dirt. There’s even a window in the side of the pen that lets you see the mechanism in action.

In addition to the compact size of the pen, the entire body is rubberized for a secure grip, whether it’s wet or dry. The heavy-duty metal clip opens wide enough so that you can clip it to a pocket, bag, or clipboard without breaking it either. You can grab an AirPress in your color of choice and get writing anywhere at the link below.

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