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Good things take time. In Trayvax’s case, they spent five years perfecting their newest wallet, the OG 2.0. Not one to rest on their laurels, Trayvax took on the ambitious task of improving upon their original wallet design, which was already wildly popular with the EDC community. The 2.0 keeps everything that made the original so great in an all-new design with improved materials and features that make it an even better option for your daily wallet.

The OG 2.0 comes as a fresh but familiar upgrade to the original, starting with Trayvax’s signature stainless steel backplate at the core of the design. It’s packed with features you’d expect from a one-piece multi-tool, starting with a handy pry bar tip on one corner and a lanyard attachment point on another. On the backside, the OG 2.0 features an all-new money clip that doubles as a pocket clip for when you’re not carrying cash. Besides the added functionality of a TSA-compliant bottle opener, the metal clip is more resistant to wear, easier to use, and quieter than the velcro on the original. This time around, you have to option of beefing up the 2.0 with a lightweight but durable and grippy G10 face. The backplate and face are bound together along the edges by paracord, making a “frame” to display your ID, badge, or other credentials easily. The main card compartment between the plates accommodates up to 15 cards, which you can access by undoing the security clasp and sliding them out.

Like the rest of Trayvax’s gear, the OG 2.0 is proudly made in the USA and backed by a 65 year warranty. It’s available in four colors and in a few different bundles with other Trayvax gear at fairly affordable Kickstarter pricing. Be sure to secure your own at the fully funded campaign linked below.

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