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Making an ideal everyday knife is a daunting task. From size to shape to steel, there’s a lot of thought that can go into making one as versatile as possible. And though a fixed blade carried in a leather sheath isn’t a common pick for an EDC knife, if there’s anyone who can make one to the highest standards, it’s Trayvax. For the past 5 years, Trayvax have been making some of the most popular wallets, belts, and accessories for EDC, and the latest product to demonstrate their prowess with leather and metal is the Trek Field Knife. From simple everyday tasks to rigorous field duties, they designed the Trek with thoughtful details and the best materials on the market to create the toughest and most reliable knife you can carry.

The Trek kicks off its features with its minimalist, CNC-machined design. Its business end features a 3.5” blade with serious attention to detail, such as a 40-degree leading edge that makes for a durable tip and a condensed belly with a sweeping edge for control and precision for even delicate slices. It also comes with a long, 3/4 flat bevel grind that allows for consistent performance when using the Trek for chopping or batoning tasks while retaining a full spine for strength.

A skeletonized handle makes up the Trek’s second half, which maximizes its minimalist design. The “cutouts” allow for light weight while maintaining structural strength, and also offer customization by allowing you to use paracord or custom handles to make your Trek uniquely your own. The bottom of the Trek’s tang ends in a blunt spear point, letting you poke or pierce if the need arises.

Two of the highest quality steels were selected for the Trek, standard 440C and CPM S35VN premium steel. The more affordable (but highly capable) 440C is a high-carbon, high-alloy steel, whose unique composition allows for precise hardening and sharpening. The CPM S35VN option is one of the highest tiers of steel used for high-end knives, offering exceptionally hard and highly-resistant performance while still allowing ease of maintenance.

The Trek’s minimal fixed blade design leaves little room for carry options, but this is where Trayvax’s leather expertise comes to play. Each Trek comes with a custom 6 oz vegetable-tanned leather sheath sourced from the elite Horween Leather Co. tannery, which may be familiar if you’ve ever owned a premium leather wallet or bag. The sheath comes in two options, one with a combo layout allowing for both vertical and horizontal carry, while a traditional layout that allows for low-riding, right-handed carry.

The entire process of making the Trek Field Knife from its materials to manufacturing is 100% sourced in the USA, and backed by Trayvax’s 65-year heirloom warranty. Their Kickstarter campaign is already completely funded with plenty of time for you to pledge, with stretch goals in the works for an even more customizable final product for backers. Check out the Trek’s campaign page at the link below.

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