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Traveling around doesn’t mean that you have to lose style, and you can make that task much easier with a travel comb like the Chicago Comb Model No. 1. What makes this comb special is how well-suited it is for everyday carry. Starting off, the Model No. 1 measures 5.5“, giving you the surface area that you need for a functional use, but not too big for your pockets. This comb is also made out of a carbon fiber composite, not only making it durable enough for EDC, but also light enough to carry at only 0.35 oz. The use of this composite also makes it heat resistant, anti-static, and ultra smooth. The teeth feature a medium to fine size, so it will work with almost any hair type. These teeth come with round and smooth tines, to prevent any nasty scratches or your hair from getting caught in them. For easy operation and a secure grip, the Model No. 1 features a finger hole, which allows you to maneuver the comb from any angle. You can get this Made in the USA comb in the link below.

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