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For Money Monday (and a payday for many people as well!), Civilian Lab shows that there’s so much more to wallets than plain old leather. Their Kevlar Clip wallet is built from the same material used in the body armor of law enforcement and military, offering a unique and super tough construction suitable for something you use every day. And true to its name, the Kevlar Clip also comes with something you don’t usually see on wallets: a military-grade, riveted pocket clip. It makes the wallet easy to store and retrieve it since it’s not sitting at the bottom of your pockets or bag, letting you quickly access and use up to 10 cards, an ID, a key, and up to 12 bills. A tri-fold design lets you organize your essentials in the right compartments, so they’re ready to go when you’re ready to pay. Pick up Civilian Lab’s tough Kevlar Clip wallet at the link below.

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