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Dango’s larger Capsule Wide sets itself apart from the more common pill-shaped containers with its wide and shallow form factor. This made-in-USA, food-safe, and waterproof anodized aluminum container gives you a nifty way to carry and organize your small EDC items. Measuring 2.28″ x 0.83″, it provides enough storage for a everyday items like a spare key, loose change, and memory cards. It’s also suitable as a go-anywhere container for emergency or outdoor gear like first aid essentials or even fishing bait for the more adventurous EDCers.

Accessing your gear is a matter of simply twisting off its threaded screw-down lid. On the back, is removable stainless steel clip that lets you keep the Capsule Wide within easy reach—clipped onto your belt or the strap of your EDC pack. If you’re looking to let this settle in your pocket or in your bag, an integrated loop hole allows you to attach a lanyard, or secure it with a tether, ideally with one of Dango’s very own metal-clasped tethers or slings.

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