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Artists, architects, and students alike all use pencils in their day to day lives. And one would think there’s nothing much you can do with pencils to make them EDC-worthy. For Faber-Castell, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth, and they show us as much with their Perfect Pencil. While “perfect“ might be an exaggeration for some, the Perfect Pencil is up there when it comes to adding utility in a compact package.

It features a pre-sharpened #2 pencil lead made of finely ground graphite and clay with a hardness degree of “B.“ To add an extra layer of protection against accidental tip breakage, it features a removable cap. Inside you’ll find a built-in pencil sharpener, a convenient and compact companion for the pencil. The size of the cap also helps extend the pencil’s surface area while posted, offering a comfortable grip even when the pencil wears down with use. And for added convenience for EDCers, the cap also adds its own sturdy pocket clip for easy transportation. Pick up a Perfect Pencil at the link below.

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