Trending Gear: September 2018

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Every day, readers like you proudly share photos of their everyday carry on the site.

Not only is looking through their pockets this way super interesting, but it’s also a great way to find really cool gear you never even knew existed (yet somehow, suddenly need…).

When you hover over an item you like and click on it in these photos, you’re also letting other EDCers know you find that gear interesting. Each click gets recorded to create a data-driven ranking of the most popular gear, which you can find in our Gear section of the site found in the top menu bar.

Gear with the most views and clicks climbs its way to the top of this feed and lets the EDC community know what’s trending right this second.

Looking back this past September, it you were most interested in compact workhorse pocket knives, all-in-one tool kits, classic essentials, and more… Let’s break it down.

10. Benchmade 756

Last month’s most popular gear starts off with the Benchmade 756—definitely a unique knife, if only because of its size. Based on Shane Siebert’s original Micro Pocket Rocket, the 756 features an extremely-compact profile that can be concealed in hand, even when open. But with its premium CPM-20CV stainless steel blade, it’s not a toy. For such a small knife, the easy flipper opening is almost mandatory, and the flipper tab helps act as a guard for this tiny powerhouse of a knife. The titanium handle also features a micro frame lock to give a sure hold on things during use.

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9. Thyrm SwitchBack Large 2.0

Thyrm’s SwitchBack rings add a level of security to your flashlight grip. While they’re designed to improve your grip on a tactical flashlight while shooting, they have some everyday applications as well. You can attach the SwitchBack onto your flashlight (make sure to check the compatibility chart!) so it’s easier to hold onto. The high-impact plastic ring allows you to retrieve your light from a pocket or bag and activate it with with one hand. Since your finger goes through a ring, you can still hold the flashlight while using both hands. It’s a great way to add EDC capability to a flashlight that’s needs a clip, and also last month’s 9th most popular item.

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8. Wera 056490 Tool-Check Plus Bit Ratchet Set with Sockets

A multi-tool is a great EDC accessory for tackling tasks on the go, but sometimes, you need a proper heavy-duty tool kit to get the job done. Last month readers were interested in this robust bit ratchet and socket set from Wera, which includes a complete complement of 28 bits, 7 sockets, and assortment of adaptors to pair with the versatile Wera Tool-Check handle. This, along with too many other components and combinations to list here, allows you to build the perfect modular tool to handle virtually any task, while still packing up into a surprisingly compact tool kit that’s easy to carry or transport from project to project.

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7. SouthOrd C2010 Lockpicking Set

In a strictly educational or professional setting, lockpicking is a great skill to learn. It gives you a new outlook on physical security, helping you understand how (un)safe the locks you use daily are. Rather than waste your time bending and breaking a pile of paperclips, investing into a proper pick manufacturer is a much better proposition. SouthOrd makes some of the best lockpicking sets on the market, with last month’s 7th most popular item a great starter kit with its 22 pieces fit for European, Japanese, or U.S. locks. The stainless steel tools include 15 picks with metal handles, 7 tension tools, and a zippered case for ease of storage and protection.


6. Kershaw Select Fire

You probably recognize Kershaw best for their inexpensive, high-performance knives, but last month you all pushed up one of their lesser-known multi-tools to #6 on this list. The Select Fire combines a one-handed opening knife with a bit driver and holder in its handles, giving you efficient, multi-functional performance for your everyday carry. The 3.4” 8CR13MoV stainless steel blade comes in a versatile drop point and deploys with a thumbstud, while its glass-filled nylon handles store a liner lock, ruled bit driver, and swing-out bit holder with 4 included bits. It’s a great knife to carry if you don’t want to be burdened by functions you won’t use in larger multi-tools.

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5. StatGear Ausus

Last month’s 5th most popular item means business when it comes to hard cutting tasks. The StatGear Ausus’s potential begins with its 3.5″ D2 steel blade. D2 is a tool steel that’s high in both carbon and chromium, giving the blade excellent sharpness, hardness, and edge retention even after frequent hard use. While the Ausus was designed with large tasks in mind, it features jimping on the top of the blade for added control during precision work. Deployment of the blade is easy with its oversized, ambidextrous thumbstuds and internal ball bearings. Despite the Ausus’s size and beefier design, it isn’t a problem for your pockets. It’s mostly thanks to its extremely deep-carrying pocket clip design. It allows for sleek low-profile reversible tip-up carry to make the knife practically disappear in the pocket.

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4. Parker Jotter

The Jotter has all the right features to make it ideal for EDC, making it an easy entry for last month’s 4th most popular item. For starters, it’s a click pen, making it quick and easy to use for jotting things down without the hassle of unscrewing a cap or even misplacing it. Next, it features its signature arrow pocket clip for easy retrieval and anti-roll. It’s also made from stainless steel, giving it the durability it needs to stand up to EDC while also giving it a pleasant heft and balance in hand. The Jotter also even takes pressurized ink cartridges like the ones from Fisher Space Pen, giving you the option to have that write-anywhere performance with a quick refill swap.

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3. Stedemon MINI-01

The Stedemon MINI-01 is quite possibly one of the smallest EDC folding knives on the market. Within its tiny titanium machined frame that measures just under 4”, you get more than a few thoughtful features that make this an attractive investment as an everyday work knife. Its 1.375” blade is made from high-performance, high-resistance CTS-204P steel and deploys via a unique fishtail flipper mechanism. The blade’s wharncliffe shape maximizes its long edge while giving it a pronounced point for piercing tasks. Its handles and lock both come in titanium for an extra touch of strength and exotic collectibility. It’s a lot of knife in a tiny package, giving it a strong 3rd spot on last month’s most popular gear.

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2. Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Automatic watches are a popular EDC accessory, with last month’s second most popular item held up by this Swiss staple, the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch. It’s one of the most affordable Swiss watches out there, and offers great value when considering watches hailing from Switzerland typically have the price tag to match their high level of craftsmanship. This 38mm field watch wears well on almost any wrist thanks to the conservative size, while its tan canvas strap offers a subtle, yet stylish accent to any outfit.

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1. The James Brand Halifax

While at first glance the Halifax looks like a simple keychain accessory, EDCers have learned to expect more from the James Brand. They’ve made a name for themselves building a catalog of minimalist knives and accessories, with last month’s most popular item, the Halifax, being the latest addition to their stable. The lightweight tool, machined from titanium, features two useful functions as part of its construction: a scraper/screwdriver edge that fits Philips or flathead screws, and a bottle opener for cracking open a cold one after a long day. It’s simple, well built, and carries the minimalist, high-quality design language of James Brand’s products.


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