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Featuring a long, slender blade, equally slender handles, and an iconic “Shepherd’s Cross” pin detail on the handle material, the classic French pocketknife, the laguiole, is as traditional as it gets for today’s Traditional Thursday. But in spite of its slim profile, there are many details that let the knife stand out in addition to its iconic design. The Laguiole en Aubrac shown here offers a 3.9″ 12C27 stainless steel blade polished to a high gloss, deployed via nail nick from its handles. These handles come shaped from horn tip, and are detailed with 2 stainless steel bolsters in addition to the 7-pin Shepherd’s Cross design. Another iconic laguiole feature is its highly-detailed and handcrafted single-piece spring, ending in the bee/fly design to where the handle meets the blade. Last but not least, all Laguiole en Aubrac knives are made by a single knifemaker, who etches his personal emblem onto the spine of the knife’s blade, guaranteeing authenticity and unique craftsmanship for your knife. Add this iconic French pocketknife (as well as its wealth of history) to your EDC at the link below.

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