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You might already have your favorite multi-tool picked out: it’s portable, it’s functional, and best of all, it comes with a bit driver! To make the most of that driver, you’ll need a variety of bits. But carrying a bunch of loose bits around in your pocket doesn’t seem like the greatest solution. The Leatherman Bit Kit neatly consolidates a comprehensive collection of bits for your driver in a package so small and easy to carry, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. It features 21 different two-sided standards sized bits, which means that you’ll gain access to 42 different bit-heads. And better yet, since these are flat-body bits, they’ll barely take up any space inside your pocket compared to traditional round-body bits. The holster itself measures in at around 4“ by 1”, making it a really portable solution. Adding more value, this kit is compatible with a ton of different Leatherman multi-tools, including the Skeletool, the Wave+ and the Signal just to name a few. You can pick up this Made in the USA kit at the link below.

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