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Among Leatherman’s many useful and iconic tools, there’s one that stands out as one of their most popular and robust models. Today we’re featuring the Charge+ TTi, the heavy-duty upgrade to Leatherman’s original Charge+. Built for the outdoorsy EDCer, the Charge+ makes for a solid trail companion with a robust set of 19 total functions, including the upgraded replaceable wire cutters in the TTi, and even better materials for the rest of the tools. With a titanium body, the Charge+ TTi is incredibly lightweight for its size, at 8.89 ounces. At four inches long when closed, it’s not too big for your pockets but has enough length to give you the leverage you need for heavier tasks. And with its new S30V steel knife blade, the included straight-edge is sharp enough to be your daily driver. Check out one of Leatherman’s best at the link below.

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