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Several key features make the Orbitkey Nest stand out from other travel organizers. For starters, it’s useful without even needing to open it up thanks to its valet tray lid. An embedded wireless Qi charger on one side of the lid makes it easy to keep your phone, AirPods, and other tech topped up while working at your desk. It uses an included high-quality braided USB-C cable to get the job done while keeping your desk uncluttered from unnecessary charging cables. Next to the embedded charger, you have a valet tray section roomy enough for the rest of your essentials, like a slim wallet, keys, and pocket knife, for example.

The luxe leather lid is gentle on your gear and helps prevent scratches on your desk while saving space and minimizing clutter, keeping your work environment tidy and efficient. The Nest‘s hardshell enclosure makes it especially capable as a tech travel organizer as it offers a bit of shock- and crush-resistance for your fragile electronics inside your bag, too. There’s a lot more under the Nest’s lid–check it out at the link below.

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