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For the longest time, keychain flashlights were backups of your backup, understood to be something you put with your keys and available for small lighting tasks in worst case scenarios. But thanks to the tech and engineering of companies like RovyVon, keychain flashlights have come into their own as powerful options for EDC lights. The Aurora A2 is one of the brand’s earlier models that packs a ton of functionality in one of the smallest possible packages. It comes with a Nichia 219C emitter, rare for a light of this size, able to output an eye-pleasing 350 lumens from its compact, stainless steel shell. You don’t need to worry about replacing its batteries either thanks to the built-in micro USB charging slot that plays well with modern chargers and plugs. Finally, a large lanyard slot makes it easy to stow the A2 onto your keychain, belt loop, or other gear. Check it out at the link below.

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