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RovyVon’s Aurora series has had a lengthy run of compact flashlight excellence. From powerful outputs to unique body materials and creative use of extraneous LEDs, the series has become a mainstay for many EDCers. The A3x comes as an evolution of their popular keychain lights as it climbs our trending charts for Torch Thursday, upgrading the output of the Cree XP-G3 S5 LED to 650 lumens while improving the button design and lengthening the chassis by 5mm for easier operation. A change in the user interface provides mode memory so you can turn it on at the brightness level you last used, and makes the strobe function less likely to be accidentally accessed. The 260 mAh internal battery fully charges in 70 minutes with the integrated micro USB port, giving the light a quick turnaround for extended periods of use. Add a bold splash of color to your EDC with this Lucky Red version, clad in an IP65-rated, weather-resistant, red anodized aluminum body.

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