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As its name suggests, the Spyderco SpydieChef takes its inspiration from the kitchen, where a good, balanced chef’s knife makes all the difference when preparing your next meal. It’s based on a Marcin Slysz design, who applied the unique, sweeping ergonomics and geometry of a chef’s knife to its 3.32″ LC200N blade. If you haven’t heard of this steel before, the NASA-developed, nitrogen-based steel steel offers exceptional corrosion resistance, and in the case of the SpydieChef, allows it to take an easy edge.

Disengaging the Reeves Integral Lock folds the blade into its slender titanium handles, where a reversible wire clip allows for an ergonomic EDC. With a unique design, an exceptional steel, and the fit and finish to match, the SpydieChef is a serious contender for your next everyday knife.

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