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As we hit the first Tech Thursday of 2020, we have to take notice of what’s becoming an increasing part of people’s tech EDCs: wireless earbuds. Thanks to their ease of use and pairing tech, adding a soundtrack or podcast to your day is as simple as putting the buds in your ear–within seconds they’re connected to your smartphone and ready to play. And while early wireless earbud products often broke the bank, there’s a lot more options now for the more budget-conscious EDCer, without losing the best features wireless buds are known for. The low-profile TOZO T10 come with the latest connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0, IPX8 water resistance (something many premium earbuds don’t even offer), and over 12 hours of total playback thanks to additional charge off the T10’s case. The best part: the T10s cost a fraction of the premium buds on the market, allowing you to dip into the technology without fully committing to an expensive investment. When you’re ready to break free from wires and step up your listening game, check out the TOZO T10 in 5 colors at the link below.

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