Trending: Victorinox Dual-Knife Sharpener

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As an EDCer you probably already know the value of carrying and using your knife. But to really get the most out of your blade, it pays to keep it sharp and well maintained. For Tool Tuesday, this compact ceramic knife sharpener from Victorinox, makes of the Swiss Army Knife, was trending this past week. 

Its form factor lets it carry similar to a pen, complete with cap and pocket clip. But once opened, you have both a grinding stone rod and a ceramic notch. The grinding stone features angles and a coarser grit to do most of the sharpening, leaving you with a medium edge. The ceramic notch lets you refine the edge to get it razor sharp, or just to get a quick touch up on your blade after some light cutting tasks. 

A sharp blade is a safe one, so if you use your knife often and want to keep it maintained on the go, check out one of these pen-sized sharpeners at the link below.

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