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This outdoor-oriented multitool is one of Victorinox’s go-to models for hiking or camping activities. Between two durable polyamide scales, you’ll find 12 functions. The main tools include a large, quality blade with slight serrations that features a thumbhole for ease of deployment and a liner lock to keep it in place, a wood saw, and can and bottle openers for dealing with food and drink as well. The rest of the tools let the Trekker deal with small repairs and crafting tasks: various sizes of screwdrivers, a reamer and a lockable wire stripper, and Victorinox’s signature tweezers and toothpick.

The Trekker weighs in at 4.6 oz and is on the larger side of Swiss Army Knives at 111mm to account for its utility for larger tasks. The durable scales also feature ergonomic finger grooves for a more comfortable operation. You can get this multitool in four colorways at the link below.

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