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Despite it being on the small side, even for a minimalist wallet, the Trove is actually like two wallets in one. The secret is in its clever reversible design. In its regular configuration, the central piece of leather bends like an “M” to form three pockets. The middle slot carries the bulk of your cards, while the outer pockets can accommodate a few more cards from the bottom side.

Now, if you’re the type to carry bills or a spare key in your wallet, you can simply flip the Trove inside out to change the pocket configuration. The outer card slots turn into snug sleeve compartments that you can access from either side, making it easier to stash and retrieve triple folded bills or tiny essentials.

And because it uses elastic, the Trove can accommodate as few or as many cards as you need while staying slim. Not only can you switch up the wallet’s functionality, but you can also personalize one to match your EDC with completely custom color ways, available at the link below.

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