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When it comes to EDC, your cell phone is often the most important and most expensive piece of gear that you have. They’re so essential for our productivity, entertainment, and keeping connected that breaking your phone or cracking your screen can really throw off your whole day. Accidents happen, and that’s why having a good, protective phone case is crucial. Urban Armor Gear (UAG) makes some of the most rugged phone cases on the market, and their Trooper series is especially useful for EDC. That’s because it mixes tough protection with an integrated minimalist card wallet compartment, consolidating your carry and freeing up pocket space for the rest of your daily kit.

Designed to fit various iPhone and Plus models, the UAG Trooper features a lightweight yet ruggedized case achieved by mixing a hard outer shell that protects against bumps and scratches and a soft inner core that helps cushion against drop damage. In fact, the UAG Trooper has been designed to meet mil-spec drop test standards, providing a superior level of shock protection and keeping your expensive cell phone safe. And while a lot of cases can end up feeling like a hindrance, the UAG Trooper is designed to let you comfortably use your phone and all of its ports without fuss thanks to its easy access design.

But what sets the UAG Trooper apart is the hidden card wallet compartment at the rear of the case. It lets you carry your four most important ID and payment cards with you and your phone at all times while keeping a low profile. It’s even designed to allow for contactless payments and entry if your card supports them, which means you don’t have to pull out the card to use it.

With the UAG Trooper, you get premium protection for your cell phone in a package that helps you consolidate your carry. Check it out now, and make it a part of your everyday carry today at the link below.

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