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Instead of adding tools onto your keychain, what if your keychain had them already built right in? Unsettle & Co’s newest Kickstarter project, the Unclip, puts a utilitarian spin on the popular HK clip style keychain design. It attaches to your belt loop with a familiar gated clip, but its spring-loaded wings let you unclip the rest of the keychain. Once liberated from the main carabiner, the end of the keychain can puncture and cut packing tape to open boxes using two hooked prongs (it beats using your keys when you’d rather not whip out your EDC knife), and lift caps with an integrated bottle opener. You can attach your keyring to it, of course, with a quick turn of a single Chicago-style screw. If you could use easier access and wider range of motion in your keychain tools, this quick-release carabiner deserves a closer look. The Unclip is available in gunmetal, matte black, nylon, and leather options at the Kickstarter campaign below.

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