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When it comes to getting your hands on a custom made grail knife, you often only get one shot. But sometimes, your grail knife design gets re-released as a production model if you’re lucky. For example, the iconic Taylor Made Nessie custom found new life in an arguably even better form as the Urban EDC Nessie production model. Where the original custom knife was a more traditional slipjoint gent’s knife, this collaboration with Urban EDC Supply features a minimalist modern gent’s look equipped with utilitarian features that give it an edge over the original when it comes to handling tougher EDC tasks.

If you aren’t familiar with the basic design of the Nessie, think of it as a folding version of a kukri knife with a unique blade shape that features a well-defined point at the tip and an extended belly for excellent chopping and slicing action. This new version of this grail-worthy knife features a more industrial design with a titanium frame lock and your choice between bare metal, canvas micarta, and grippy natural G10 scales.

No matter which you chose, the Urban EDC Nessie has a solid lock where the original featured a non-locking slipjoint, making it more well suited for moderate to heavy EDC usage. And the premium M390 stainless steel blade composition is no slouch either, offering excellent edge retention and maximum sharpness out of the box. Deployment of the blade is also a lot easier, as the new Nessie features a one-handed flipper opening.

The best part about the upcoming Urban EDC Nessie? It’s available for preorder at a fraction of the cost of the limited run custom original Nessie knife. That mean’s you’re going to see it more often than the namesake mythical creature it’s named after, and if you click the link below you can buy one today and secure one of these practical yet premium everyday carry folding knives for yourself at the link below.

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