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When you’re just starting out in the world of everyday carry, the sheer number of choices for gear at your disposal can be very overwhelming. It’s far too easy to get lost in the weeds spending hours and even days researching the best gear to add to your collection. That’s where our friends at Urban EDC Supply come in, providing a curated set of great gear to use as the starting point for your own well-considered EDC collection. And even if you’ve got some gear of your own already as a veteran, their attention to detail and smart choices make for compelling options to shake things up for your carry this year.

Urban EDC Supply Vitesse ROCKIT & Leather Slip

It all starts with Urban EDC’s stylish pocket-sized everyday carry knife. The Vitesse ROCKIT is a slim everyday carry fixed blade knife that’s made out of super-premium ELMAX stainless steel which offers incredible hardness and edge retention, and the scalpel shape makes it really great for everyday utility tasks. With the kind of performance ELMAX steel provides, you’ll be able to perform all of your cutting and slicing tasks with ease. To aid in the process of eventually having to sharpen this knife, the knife features a pronounced choil that makes maintaining the edge on a traditional whetstone an easy task to accomplish. The knife also weighs just a single ounce in your pockets which is far less than many folding knives out there, and comes with an elegant leather slipcase for storage when not in use.

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Urban EDC Organizer Hybrid

When you start out in EDC it can be a little annoying having a bunch of gear loose in your pockets scratching against each other and even poking you from all the wrong angles. That’s where having a good leather organizer caddy can come in handy, like Urban EDC’s Organizer Hybrid. Aside from acting as a slim minimalist wallet, the Organizer Hybrid contains organizational space for your slim EDC essentials like pens and small knives. And it does all that while being made out of domestically-sourced, saddle stitched Horween leather that’s full-grain and designed to develop an attractive patina over time.

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ReyLight Pineapple Flashlight Brass V4

One of the best things about brass gear is that it develops character over time, but the fact that this ReyLight Pineapple EDC flashlight has the specs to go along with it makes it a great choice for everyday carry on its own. It gets its name from the unique knurling pattern on its brass body, and at its heart is your choice between a high-CRI Nichia 219C or high-output XPL LED emitter. Both are powered by a single li-ion 14500 battery, and in a pinch you can also light things up with a standard AA battery that’s easy to find in an emergency situation. With the right cell you can get up to 470 lumens max out the front, but you can also dial things down to a minimal 0.2 Moonlight mode that will keep running for up to 20 days.

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Paperstax Project x Urban EDC Supply Notebook

Having a quality pocket notebook on hand is crucial for making lists and organizing, and the beauty of this collaboration design is that it’s designed to slide right into your pockets without taking up a lot of space. Each of these Paperstax Project notebooks is made in the United States and features 40 pages of blank paper with a customer cover that makes it unique from the standard off the shelf notebooks you might find elsewhere.

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