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For decades, Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) have offered some of the best value and performance as an everyday carry multi-tool. They come in all tool configurations, sizes, and colors, with their popular Alox line offering essential tools while taking up minimal space. If you’re looking to pick up an Alox SAK of your own, Victorinox puts out a limited edition version of their flagship models every year, and this year’s Aqua Blue colorway is a bold addition to any collection. With striking scales and timeless utility, the Classic, Cadet, and Pioneer continue to be staple tools for any EDC.

The Classic Alox boils down the SAK experience to key essentials: a sharp Sandvik knife, nail file, flathead screwdriver, and spring-loaded scissors, all in a compact 2.3″ frame that fits right on your keys with the included split ring. As a member of the Alox line this Classic comes with durable, yet lightweight embossed aluminum scales with anodic oxidation that are highly resistant against wear and corrosion. The textured surface also offers better grip than the standard Cellidor scales. The Aqua Blue color is unique for 2020, and they add a bit of flair and collectibility to the tool. But don’t mistake its light weight and slim profile as a mark of poor quality: the Classic Alox LE is built to last, and it will serve you will for as long as you have it with you. It’s small enough for you to carry as a backup tool, but it has the ability to perform well as your daily driver if you choose.

The new Aqua Blue digs come to one of the most well-rounded models of the Swiss Army Knife in the Pioneer. It’s sized just right for all-around use in the hand and in the pocket at 3.5” long and half an inch thick. The Pioneer offers an excellent tool set for general EDC utility: a large main blade, a reamer/punch for poking, a combination can opener/small screwdriver, and a combination large screwdriver/bottle opener/wire stripper. Lastly, a keyring attachment gives you the option of tossing it on your keys or outfitting it with a paracord lanyard for better retrieval, grip, and emergency utility.

Last but not least is the timeless Cadet. Only 84 mm long, impressively thin, with 9 useful functions, and hardy embossed aluminum scales with anodic oxidation as an extra protective layer: these all added up to a multi-tool that not only was easy to carry, but looked as good as it was functional. The anodic oxidation at the end only further raised the Cadet to cult status, as it allowed scale coloring that led to dozens of colorways, including this year’s Aqua Blue.

With its buy-it-for-life EDC utility, the Limited Edition 2020 Alox Series is a solid choice for your kit, whether you’re starting out in the world of EDC or looking for something fresh to add to your ensemble. Check them out at the links below.

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Shop Pioneer at Victorinox

Shop Cadet at Victorinox

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