Victorinox Classic SD Limited Edition 2021

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When pocket space is limited, sometimes it can be hard to integrate a folding knife into your everyday carry. But with a Victorinox Classic Swiss Army Knife, compact but capable tools are always close at hand. And with seven different functions built in, it more than pays for itself with the tasks it can tackle on a regular basis. There are dozens if not hundreds of Classics to choose from, but the new limited edition colorways of this year’s Classic SD are worth a second look. 2021’s theme evokes traditional patterns and designs of places, ideas, and cultures around the world, and they add a unique style and flourish to your carry while covering your EDC bases.

There’s plenty of variety in the 10 designs that form the collection, including floral porcelain motifs, a jacquard lucky cat design, a striped multicolor zarape style, and a quirky color and test chart like you’d expect to find on an old television. Each of these designs were designed and selected by fans of Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, and these “Patterns of the World” set themselves apart from the standard off-the-shelf editions of the Classic SD.

Aside from the looks though, everything that makes the Classic SD such a good choice for EDC remains, including the split ring that lets this useful tool hang off your keys, ready at a moment’s notice. There’s a 0.4″ Sandvik stainless steel blade that’s non-locking for light-duty use and for carry in places that restrict larger locking blades. There’s also a pair of slim, spring-loaded scissors for added convenience. The nail file includes a flathead screwdriver, and the decorative handle scales conceal a toothpick and a pair of tweezers as well.

The Victorinox Classic SD is a great choice if you’re looking for a compact everyday carry multi-tool that fits on your keys, whether you need it as a backup or you prefer it as your daily driver. But choosing one of the 2021 Limited Edition colorways of this timeless EDC multi-tool adds a touch of class to your ensemble and helps you set yourself apart from the pack. Click the link below and make one of these colorful designs yours today.

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