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The Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is one of the most iconic multi-tools in the world, and for good reason. Found in toolboxes, pockets, and glove compartments everywhere, the SAK is available in dozens of configurations with different tools, shapes, sizes, and designs. We reached out to the leading SAK manufacturer, Victorinox, to try something new from their lineup that we thought you guys would enjoy. They graciously sent us a sample of their EvoWood 17 to consider. It stands apart from the usual candy red Swiss Army Knives with its genuine walnut hardwood scales, while boasting 9 tools capable of 13 different features in one 85mm package. Read on to find out how the EvoWood 17 held up in our EDC.

The Specs

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Size: 85 mm L x 27.5 mm W x 23 mm H

Weight: 3.07oz

Blade Length: 2.50” blade, 2.75” saw

Handle Material: genuine walnut hardwood

Tools (9 tool, 13 functions): 2.5″ Blade, Nail File, Serrated-edge Scissors, Can Opener, Large and Small Screwdriver, Cap Lifter, 2.75″ wood saw, Corkscrew, Punch/Reamer, Key Ring

Design, Fit & Finish

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The first detail that sets the EvoWood 17 apart from the rest of Victorinox’s lineup is the contoured wooden scales on either side of the tool. The walnut wood used in the scales give great woodgrain figuring and a silky smooth touch. The wooden scales add a bit of classiness and vintage aesthetic to this multi-purpose classic. The tool is made very well, with tight tolerances all around.

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Each individual tool is kept in place by a spring tension mechanism with no noticeable play. The steel tools are high quality and are polished up to a nice shine. I wouldn’t worry about the tool breaking if force is applied when using the screwdriver or saw. It’s worth noting that the 2.5” blade does not lock into place with a true locking mechanism as seen in most dedicated pocket knives, so take a bit of extra care when using it for piercing tasks.

Swiss Army Knives are typically non-threatening, even more-so with the addition of the wooden scales. Since most people know what they are, you’re definitely less likely to get alarmed looks when using it around the office or in public. I like the way the tool looks and feels. The contouring and wood make it feel like a luxury item.

Operation and Performance

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Using the Evowood 17 is straight forward. All of the tools are arranged perfectly to nestle with each other in the relatively slim body of the SAK. To open a tool, most of the components are equipped with an indent to catch with a finger nail. Simply grip the tool and pull outward. They’re easy to open, but do require two hands to do so: one to hold the knife and the other to open the tool. The tools lock in place with an authoritative “snap” when they’re fully extended and ready to use.

The wooden scales provide a unique tactile feel. They’re carved to fit the hand and they feel comfortable whether you’re right- or left-handed. 

I’m not so sure about the long-term durability of the wood. I would definitely avoid water/liquids if you want to keep the multi-tool looking pristine. The finish is light and the wood isn’t terribly hard, so beware of unintentional patina (aka damage) when using the tool for heavy-duty tasks.

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The 9 tools in the EvoWood 17 are all very usable. Nothing is hard to get to and when extended, each tool is easily used thanks to the ergonomic handle. The 2.5” blade is plenty sharp and slices easily. I find the serrated scissors to be excellent. The spring mechanism is sturdy and the operation is smooth. It’s great having reliable, sharp scissors in my bag. The nail file is convenient for cleaning dirt out from under my nails – a task usually done by my knife. This is not only safer, but it works better too. It’s no doubt a useful tool that would make a great all-in-one EDC solution or backup in my bag.

Carry Options

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The Evowood 17 has an attached keyring, but it’s a bit big/heavy to carry on my keys. A lanyard can be easily attached to the loop for deep pocket carry. The SAK does not have a clip, so it’s usually loose in my pocket. I prefer my EDC gear to have some sort of retention system/clip so everything stays right where I want it to. At 27.7 mm thick, it does have a significant presence in pocket. If you take the amount of tools/utility it provides into consideration, the width is very reasonable. I have found through daily carry that I prefer the tool be carried in my bag rather than my pocket. The EvoWood’s small footprint is ideal for throwing in a bag, therefore making it an excellent way to carry many different tools in one compact form factor.

Pros & Cons


  • Very well made
  • Having 9 tools in pocket is handy
  • Sharp blade is very capable for daily tasks
  • Scissors are great


  • Thick to carry in pocket
  • Some tools seem unnecessary for most daily tasks
  • Built in keyring, but a bit large for keychain carry


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Victorinox has added a touch of class to their standard Swiss Army Knife with the introduction of the EvoWood series. They’ve ditched the red scales for contoured wood, and I love the result. Having as many tools as this does in such a small form factor is useful and has come in handy in a multitude of situations. The highlights of the tool are the scissors, sharp blade and great ergonomics. I prefer carrying the EvoWood in my bag, as I found it a bit clunky to have floating around in my pocket or on my keys. Is it worth carrying? I’d say so. For SAK collectors, adding at least one EvoWood to your collection is a must.

BUY ($55)

Does the EvoWood 17 look like it could have a place in your EDC? Do you already have a tried-and-true favorite Swiss Army Knife? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclosure: The manufacturer of this product sent this sample to be considered for review at no charge. It does not, however, affect my opinion in this review.

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