Victorinox Spectra 3.0 Luggage Collection

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The buzz and excitement of travel is starting to crackle in the air, and more and more people are taking back to the skies as borders and countries start opening up shop for work and leisure. And inevitably a big part of the trip is deciding what—and how—to take things with you. In addition to robust multi-tools and accessories, Victorinox has been in the luggage game for a very long time, offering premium and stylish travel cases that are a cut above the rest. Their new Spectra 3.0 Collection is a high-performance new offering built from a new sturdy and sustainable material, and offers you all the space you need, no matter how much you need to pack.

Spectra 3.0 Frequent Flyer and  Frequent Flyer Plus Carry-On

Whenever you’re traveling by plane, your main luggage suitcase will handle the bulk of whatever you decide to bring with you. But, for extremely important items you don’t want to lose (or have the airport lose them for you), the carry-on is your best bet. Victorinox’s Frequent Flyer Carry-On was designed not only to maximize the amount of things you can carry with you, but also to keep them as neatly organized as possible inside a protective body made with durable materials.

Measuring in at 9.1“ x 13.8“ x 21.7“, this option by Victorinox gives you 37L of space. Inside its main compartment you’ll find a large zippered compartment for smaller items, elastic X-straps for flexible packing, as well as an internal removable divider. For further versatility, you have access to a lockable front compartment which comes with an organization panel. And if you need a little more space, the suitcase can actually be expanded with 20% more capacity. Its exterior is made out of SORPLAS, a high performance recycled polycarbonate, helping you keep your items safe while helping the planet with sustainability.

If you need an extra bit of space, you can opt for the Frequent Flyer Plus Carry-On instead, with a larger 45L capacity. This does increase the size and weight a small amount, but compared to how much more space you’re getting, the increase is definitely worth it.

Spectra 3.0 Expandable Medium and Large Luggage

For the happy medium of packing where you still want to travel as light as you can but still have enough room to spare for any additions on the way home, Victorinox designed the Expandable Medium Case. Measuring in at 11.8“ x 18.1” x 27.2“ and weighing in at 13.7 pounds, the Medium case manages to give you a whopping 81 L of capacity.

It features a similar design to the Frequent Flyer Carry-Ons: inside the main compartment, you get the same zippered section for smaller items, elastic X-straps, the removable divider, and the lockable front section with the organizational panel. The big difference is that the Medium Case manages to expand up to 40% more of its size, giving you the versatility to carry a little more without having to carry an entire full-sized suitcase.

When you need as much space as possible for a big trip (or packing for a family), you’re also covered with the Expandable Large Case. It has the largest capacity of the entire collection, weighing in at 15 pounds with a 12.6“ x 20.1“ x 29.5“ size to provide you with an amazing 103L of space. Like its siblings, it features a high performance, recycled SORPLAS polycarbonate construction, designed to withstand the rough and tumble of travel (including getting tossed around by handlers). And like the Medium expandable case, the Large Case can be expanded to 40% more of its capacity.

Spectra 3.0 Trunk Large Case

If you’re going to be packing a lot of things but need to be able to stay on the move, the Trunk Large Case might be the right fit. It switches its dimensions around to make it taller and a less wide, so compared to the Expandable Large Case’s 12.6“ x 20.1“ , the Trunk Large Case measures in at 14.2” x 16.5” instead. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll get significantly less space, as it still features 99L of capacity.

Unlike the other cases in the collection, the Trunk Large is not expandable in order to be more mobile. However, it comes with a unique feature: packing cubes. These compressible cubes are located below the X strap divider and help you further separate and categorize your luggage.

All of the suitcases in the collection feature an 8-wheel design along with an extendable handle for easy transportation. To help you maneuver more easily, they feature a side-handle as well. You can find any of these models in either black or in the iconic Victorinox red. You can pick any of them up at the link below.

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