Victorinox Swiss Tool Burnished Steel Series

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Victorinox is a brand synonymous with practical tools thanks to their legendary Swiss Army Knives. But often overlooked is their line of larger multi-tools in the traditional butterfly-style platform, each with the same attention to detail and utility that made their Swiss Army Knives staples for everyday carry. The new Burnished Steel Series gives a stealthy new colorway to two of their most popular full-sized tools, giving your EDC a total package of functionality and flair.

This collection brings butterfly-style tools to the next level, offering outstanding performance from an understated presentation. Not only do both models have a well-curated tool selection, but they offer an advantage over a lot of other multi-tools by allowing nearly all of their tools to be accessible on the outside of the handles, even while closed. Two key tools—the large blade and the belt cutter—can also be opened one-handed in an emergency, while all the opening tools can be locked open for security while deployed.

The Swiss Tool MXBS is the big brother of the collection, measuring in at 4.5“ when closed and bringing 26 functions to the table, with most of what you might need for DIY jobs and daily tasks. Like you might expect from any butterfly-style multi-tool, you’ll find needle-nosed pliers front and center, with wire-cutters just below. Complimenting the cutters are a wire crimper, wire stripper, wire bender, and wire scraper. The Swiss Tool also comes with 5 different drivers, a blade, and pair of scissors. And for heavy duty work, you have access to a metal saw, a chisel and scraper, a strong crate opener, and a metal file. Last but not least is a can and bottle opener for your favorite brew at the end of a long day.

The Swiss Tool Spirit MXBS is a more compact version of the Swiss Tool that shaves down its footprint while losing almost none of the practicality. It measures in at 4.1“ when closed and weighs in at 7.4 ounces compared to the Swiss Tool’s 10.4. Despite being more portable thanks to a more ergonomic pair of curved handles, the Swiss Tool Spirit retains almost all the functions with at 24 tools, losing just a few drivers. This is the tool if every inch and ounce counts for your work EDC.

If you’re looking for compact multi-tools with thoughtful design choices, Victorinox’s legendary quality, and a handsome aesthetic, the Burnished Steel Series is a solid choice for your next full-sized multi-tool. Pick up each at the links below.

Check Out the Swiss Tool MXBS

Check Out the Swiss Tool Spirit MXBS

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