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Losing a part of your EDC while you’re out and about sucks. And even if you’re really careful with your things, it can happen to the best of us. Luckily, some devices can come to the rescue when gear goes missing, like the newly released Wuvo Spot. It’s a compact Bluetooth trackable and phone app system that keeps better tabs on your gear. Measuring in at just 6 grams and 5.4mm, it’s light and thin enough to attach to essentials that you can’t afford to lose, like your keys, wallet, or bag. The app lets you know if the Spot is out of its 100 ft range so you don’t stray too far from your stuff, and has backtracking and crowdsearch functionalities too. If it’s your phone that tends to go missing, the Spot can signal it to ring even when you’ve kept it on silent. You can add a Wuvo Spot to your EDC for free (shipping’s on you, though) while quantities last on their website.

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