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With a sleeker, understated look and no-nonsense designs with a focus on efficiency and functionality, traditional knives are a great go-to when it comes to an everyday blade. But while a traditional knife often carries a mental image of the knife your grandfather used to carry, many manufacturers have brought the classic style to modern blades. Knifemaker Jens Ansø has plenty of iconic designs and collaborations to his name, creating some of the most memorable designs across many types of gear, and he brings his talents once again to Zero Tolerance for the 0230. It’s a modern slipjoint knife with a minimalist profile designed for maximum performance for EDC.

In spite of its stark, understated profile, there’s plenty of features that set the 0230 apart from not just gent’s knives, but also modern knives as a whole. Its business end features a 2.6“ sheepsfoot blade with a full-width flat grind, a potent combination that allows long, precise, and controlled cuts. It’s made from CPM20V, a top-tier steel with exceptional wear and corrosion resistance, not to mention holds a long-lasting edge. Keeping in line with the cleaner gent’s knife design, Zero Tolerance opted not to put their logo on the sides of the blade; it’s placed instead along the spine.

True to traditional slipjoint deployment, a nail nick is provided to engage the blade, but unique to the 0230 is a double-detent system where two steel balls site on each side of the blade while closed, ensuring increased safety while carrying so there isn’t any accidental openings. The 0230 also comes with a half-open position for a more controlled deployment or stowing action. The blade folds into premium carbon fiber handles, allowing excellent strength and resilience while keeping the weight down. An anodized blue backspacer should be a familiar detail to those familiar with Ansø’s work, and comes with space for a lanyard attachment.

The Zero Tolerance 0230 is an exceptional example of a knife that does more with less, letting the fine details speak for themselves and adding up to an excellent choice for an EDC knife. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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