My Everyday Carry

Digital Marketing Manager in Chicago, IL

I’m a digital marketing manager, web developer, and photographer in Chicago. Chicago has hot summers and cold winters with sun, rain, and snow (sometimes pleasantly) battering me on my daily commute to work. My Defy Mtg. Co. bag, made in Chicago, keeps all my everyday carry protected and dry. I work a lot from my iPhone and iPad, communicating, taking photos, and shooting videos, however I prefer 35mm film for my personal photography projects. Any heavy lifting—web development or image editing—requires my laptop or desktop, neither of which I carry. A personal favorite, the Padron Tessera watch also made in the Midwest (Minneapolis, MN), by Leo Padron, is as durable as it is unique and receives lots of complements. The only things missing are running shoes and yoga clothes, which miraculously fit into the deceivingly large bag.

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