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Zebralight H31 Headlamp

Editor’s Note: I think this will replace my Quark Mini 123 as my EDC light when it comes out. It’s incredibly small, has a unique UI and its form factor makes it a versatile tasklight, headlamp or flashlight. If we take a look at the specs on paper…

  1. It’s small: Only 2.57” long. It’s barely bigger than the battery but it still manages to utilize a push button! That’s rare in lights these size — they often go with a twisty UI.
  2. It uses the latest technology and it uses it well. It pushes 220 OTF (out the front) lumens on a primary CR123A. It will probably be even brighter using lithium-ion chemistry.
  3. Its UI is fantastic — it has the ability to come in in turbo mode or low mode depending on how you press the switch. This is a refreshingly convenient change to the UIs I’m used to, where I’d have to cycle through modes to get to high first. The levels are also logically spaced and you have the ability to choose and retain 3 of the 6 levels that you want. At either end of available levels, 220 lumens and 0.5 lumens are still very useful modes, depending on the situation.
  4. The design is a perfect blend of aesthetics (imo) and utility. It has clean lines without that tactical look (excessive knurling/texture). The “fins” on the head provide proper heatsinking. The stainless steel bezels around the reflector and switch, along with the glow in the dark silicone ring near the tail are nice touches also.
  5. If you read everything so far, you might be as big of a nerd as I am. I salute you.
  6. Lastly, the 90 degree angle of the emitter to the body/switch allows the user to use it as a headlamp on the included headband, a tasklight (probably even more useful if I mod a magnet into the base somehow) or a normal flashlight (it has a reflector).

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