My Everyday Carry


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Just a few things that I carry with me everyday… simple but functional.

  • Cheap old biker wallet without the chain (ha! hate those things) back right pocket.
  • Older than dirt ball-point pen (left front pocket)
  • Riggers Knife.  Fits perfectly in my coin pocket of my 501’s
  • Blackberry Pearl 8130
  • Keys that get me into the things that get me around and provide shelter (house, warehouse/ shop)
  • Dark blue “Paris Accessories” bandana that I stole from my Dad a long time ago… its nice and broken in. (back left pocket)

Editor’s Note: Mmm, minimalism. I am also a big fan of carrying a handkerchief or bandana. I find more and more uses for mine the longer I carry it. Nice EDC — carry in good health. Thanks for sharing!

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