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Supreme Victorinox via senes23

Editor’s Note: The letter x, pronounced by (or less commonly, times*) as in multiplication, has been adopted by various hypebeasts hipsters streetwear communities in lieu of “for” or “by.” In this case, I’ll denote this particular keychain multitool/knife as Supreme x Victorinox, meaning a Supreme product by Victorinox (as a designer). This is because the knife was primarily sold at Supreme, as opposed to being sold as part of the Victorinox line. However, there exists some ambiguity in this nomenclature as both forms of x — Designer A for Brand B and Brand A by Designer B have been used in the past. Both forms are acceptable.

Source: haptronic

For the purpose of this blog I will use a capital X to denote a combination of products in a pocket dump or post depicting multiple brands of gear, and a lowercase x to suggest a collaboration of designers.

I should also note that “x” denotes yaoi pairings. You have been warned.

Source: mrip, shindags

*: And yet there is still some ambiguity regarding the pronunciation of ‘x’. It is possible that the x originates from phrases like 4x4 and 10x10, in which the x is pronounced as ‘by’ but is equivalent to ‘times.’ #hipsterjargonetymology

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