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Those are the items I carry with me day in day out. I used to carry more “stuff”, but I’ve managed to whittle it down to what you see above. These items work for me, in my line of business and everyday environment. The temptation to carry unnecessary stuff is admittedly great, if only because of the fantastic gear available. I recently bought a SOG PowerAssist S66N-CP. Although it would almost certainly stand me in good stead come the apocalypse, it is – let’s be honest – a bit over the top for my purposes. I’m more likely to have a fight with a paperclip than a marauding, moaning horde of zombies, hell bent on ripping me limb from limb, to my utmost dismay! The Micra is more than sufficient for my needs.
Like so many of us who visit this site, I perhaps unsurprisingly attach great importance to quality workmanship, though wherever possible I do try to strike a balance between quality and affordability. I have an EagleTac D25C Ti, a recent purchase, which is truly sublime, but it’s a bit too bulky for everyday carry, at least in my case. So I prefer to stick with my Maglite, despite the fact that it’s far from perfect. And as intimated above, I also try not to carry anything I don’t actually use, though there are a few exceptions to this rule. I no longer use the peanut lighter because I quit smoking a while back but I still carry it, why I don’t know. The miniature dictionary is just a talisman for me as a translator. And believe it or not, I do occasionally use the antique combination padlock.
This kit of mine has gradually evolved over time and will continue to do so. Things come, things go. Some of the things I purchase for EDC purposes end up being relegated to my bug-out bag, like my SOG and EagleTac for instance.
Many thanks for the fantastic blog. It has such appeal – for me at least – because it allows me to satisfy a deeply voyeuristic urge to see what other people have in their pockets and bags. I’ve benefitted from seeing what others carry and it has allowed me to tailor my own kit accordingly. Feel free to suggest how I might improve my set-up!
British Translator based in Vienna

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