My Everyday Carry

US Coast Guard Boat Operator and Boarding Officer / NYC
Chrome Industries Rook WalletMade from heavy duty truck-tarp Cordura. Will probably last forever.
Custom Moto X with Platinum Series CaseGreat phone. Case fits in it’s own holster on duty belt (not shown). Built in kickstand is a plus.
Garmin Fenix GPS WatchFor logging runs and for getting GPS coordinates while conducting vessel boardings in the harbor.
Leatherman Wave with Premium Leather SheathCouldn’t live without it. Ate through a few of the nylon holsters before I got this one.
Fenix LD01 FlashlightSuper bright for a AAA light. Rugged. When I cracked the lens Fenix sent me a new one for free. Nice.
Matte Black “Bullet” Fisher Space PenAnother piece of indestructible gear.
Finally, keys on a standard brass swivel clip.

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