My Everyday Carry


Submitted by cruzing69

There are too much Things in my Pockets ;-).

But no idea how to reduce ?

Editor’s Note: If reducing your daily carry is not an option as far as consolidating functions into fewer, multipurpose gear, you can instead try to redistribute gear. If your pockets feel too heavy, try clipping gear to pockets or experiment with belt/holster carry instead. If those aren’t viable options either, try symmetrically distributing items of similar dimensions for a sense of balance. For example, if you keep your wallet in your back right and your phone in your back left (roughly the same size), fill the gap of the outsides of the pockets with your PD30+ clipped to the outside back left (weak side) and your pocketknife to the outside of your back right (strong side).

Sorry for the lengthy explanation but I hope that helps. I should make a video to demonstrate what I mean…

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