My Everyday Carry

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Consultant / Malaysia - my #everydaycarry

I’m a big fan of being prepared - and this set up usually gets me out of (if not into) trouble. I love toys that last, most of what I carry has been with me for quite a while (barring the upgradeable tech like phone and bluetooth). As you can tell - I love matt black, and when doing this shoot I noticed the very obvious colour theme. 
I used to have a small Victorinox pen knife (which was confiscated at an airport - forgot I had it on me!) which I’m thinking to replace with a penknife + penlight combo, as a flashlight is the one thing missing in my daily kit. Any recommendations? A clarification: I don’t carry lock picks with me all the time (not 100% legal unless you are a security consultant) but they’re usually in my car - and have helped myself and others get into our own homes/rooms in a tough bind. Let’s just be clear - have never used these for illegal means… yet. Same goes with the Kershaw, that’s in my car and gets pulled out on occasion.

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