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submitted by Lauren Skelly
Senior Policy Analyst, Google Canada, in Ottawa, Ontario

Kate Spade bag: I bought this bag when I first started working at Google because I could easily fit my laptop in the zippered sides. I am on the go a lot and I needed something that could fit everything while keeping my trusty computer safe.  It’s not shown here but it has an adorable polka dot liner that is really fun and girly.
HP Chromebook 11:  At first, I was a little reluctant to move to a completely web based computer but I will never look back. It’s fast, lightweight and most everything I do on computers is in a web browser anyway.  I rarely leave home without it. 
Nexus 5: My smartphone, aka my life line. It is essentially my personal assistant - it’s where I keep track of my schedule, follow up on emails, make dinner reservations, find gas stations etc.  It is my most used device by far.  The background features a picture of my adorable puppy, Lily. There are pictures of my husband on there too, I swear.
Mobile Internet Puck: Working in the job I do and just being the type of person I am, I like to have Internet wherever I go. This magical little puck delivers lightening fast LTE speeds and acts as my own personal wifi hotspot. This and the Chromebook are a match made in technological heaven. 
Wipebook: This is a genius little thing - it’s a dry erase notebook.  Most of my work and life is done on my smartphone but sometimes I just need to write something down.  I love how the Wipebook can be reused over and over. Plus there is something so satisfying about wiping away a task on my to-do list with my index finger. 
Chanel Vitalumere Aqua: I am not a big makeup person but I cant seem to live without this stuff.  It’s light but adds coverage and is SPF 15. It smells amazing and transforms my face from tired/red/blotchy to slightly less of all those things. 
Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Lip Creme: I love the Rouge Coco line from Chanel. They are surprisingly long lasting and very moisturizing.  Again, they smell great.
Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1: Winters in Ontario (especially Ottawa) can be tough on the skin. This has and always will be my go-to lip balm for dry, chapped lips.  
Bose SIE2 Sport Headphones. I am training for a triathalon and these headphones have been getting me through. You barely feel them in your ears yet they deliver great sound.
Passport:  I travel a lot so my passport is almost always in my bag.  Not shown here: my trusty Nexus card which is the best $50 you will ever spend and a fistful of boarding passes in the bottom of my bag.
iPod Shuffle: In my opinion, it’s the best device for cardio.  You barely know it’s there and has enough storage to get you across the finish line. 
A pair of earrings:  My life is wonderful but unpredictable. I never know what might come up in a day or who I may be meeting with - I always carry a little glamour if I need to amp up my typical jeans, converse and t-shirt look.  Earrings are a great way to do that and I always keep a fresh blazer at the office just in case.

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Bellroy Phone Wallet

It would take an exceptionally well executed product to make phone case/wallet hybrids catch on, especially with the minimalist EDC crowd. While they aren’t anything new, you can chalk up their relative unpopularity to a couple of factors. First, most “folio” cases tend to add a ton of bulk to an already unwieldy generation of smartphones. Second, they don’t offer much else more than the convenience of keeping your phone and just a few of your cards in one place, which is a little risky in itself. With their strong existing lineup of slim wallets and quality phone covers, Bellroy stands the best chance of finally solving these problems with their new Phone Wallet.

True to their minimalist design, Bellroy shaves bulk off the traditional folio case using their stripped down pocket layout. Instead of lumping individual card slots all into the cover, the Phone Wallet distributes cards in more places for higher capacity in a sleeker silhouette: 2 cards fit in the front cover pocket, while up to 3 cards and once-folded cash tuck away behind the phone on the back of the case itself.

Small, thoughtful details add even more functionality to the wallet, like a microfiber-lined case interior to keep scratches to a minimum, hidden slots for a SIM card and pin for the traveling types, a leather tab on the cover for easier opening, and a thumb slot on the flap pocket for quicker access to your most used cards. The front cover even doubles as a kickstand for tabletop viewing.

If your goal is to carry less, you can have your bare essentials all in one place with this new hybrid wallet. They’re available in 3 colors for iPhone 6 and 6s Plus at the link below.


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