4sevens Quark 123 Ti R5
Corter Slim Wallet
Shure SE530
Seiko SRP027K
Summit Creek Dry Goods Keychain 02
LaCie iamaKey 8GB
4sevens Mini CR2 NW
Victorinox Manager
Moleskine Volant Mini
SRM 704
iPhone 3GS in Corter Slim
Uni-ball Power Tank Smart Series High Grade

What I’ve been carrying recently… I like the SRM704 and Power Tank a lot more than I expected. I’ll try to whip up a review of the SRM after I get some more use out of it, but I like carrying it because it sits deep and carries slim, opens quickly and the blade shape is useful. The Uni-ball like I mentioned in an earlier review is just really quick and accessible, writes consistently every time too. Often I forego my main light just because it’s sunny for so long these summer days… The rest is all old stuff you’ve seen before.

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Hoffman Richter HR-30 Tactical Folding Knife

Take one look at the Hoffman Richter HR-30 and you'll see this isn't your usual everyday carry knife. Sure, it's got features you'd expect in an EDC blade: beefy handles, a liner lock, and a useful drop point blade. But it has one feature you wouldn't expect: a large notch near the handle that gives it the extra edge—literally.

The main attraction is its unique 3.75” blade, made from 440C steel and coated with titanium. It's a good size for daily tasks, especially with its general-purpose drop point shape. What's unique is the large notch towards the base of the blade. It looks and acts like a single notch of a serrated edge, and you can use it for added control and cutting angles for hardier cuts.

The blade flips open with spring assist from its sizable handles, and secures into place with a liner lock. At 5” closed and weighing about 10 ounces, the HR-30 is heavy duty yet still suitable for everyday carry. Best of all, Hoffman Richter is backing the HR-30 with a lifetime guarantee, so you don't have to worry about putting the knife to good use.

Time for a something a little bit different (and lot more useful) for your next everyday carry knife. Pick up the Hoffman Richter HR-30 from Amazon at the link below.

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