My Everyday Carry

Systems Architect, Raleigh, NC

My goal is to go light but functional.
Maxpedition Micro Wallet - this is my sixth iteration on a front-pocket wallet and it will be my last.  This easily holds credit card, ATM card, 4-5 bills folded in half, license and insurance cards.  It has a card slot on the rear that I use for temporary storage: a receipt that is needed, a loyalty card/gift card, tickets, etc.  It is lightweight and comfortable.
Timex Weekender on NATO strap - stylish, simple and keeps on ticking.  I position the watch on the strap to keep the hardware from hitting my desk or computer when typing.
Nite Ize Doohickey - The jury is still out on this.  I received it recently and it just hasn’t seen enough use to justify carrying it at this point.
iTP A3 EOS Flashlight -  I use a flashlight almost daily and the A3 EOS lumens per gram is just insane.  The fact it has 3 levels is icing on the cake.  I relegated my Fenix PD22 XP-G2 to the vehicle as it was just overkill for the extra size/weight.
P&C Screwdriver Key - Handed down from my grandfather.  Beautiful and highly functional.
Zebra Expandz Pen - Fairly new to me and I have been very happy with it thus far.

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