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PhD Student in London, UK
A consequence of my research is that i often have to work irregular hours, wait around for long periods of time and cross the city on foot or rapidly by bike.  My EDC reflects these needs:
Troop London Courier bag - Holds all the stuff pictured easily. Good for cycling or walking
Eddie Bauer Rippac rain jacket - Folds up really small, hi vis. Keeps out the always unpredictable English weather 
Samsung galaxy s2, with custom decal and case
A hex key - bike repairs 
Zebra B4A3 multi pen 
A Sharpie - Absolutely vital for labelling things in the lab  
Europa minor pad + Poquito pen -  For making experimental notes.
Nook simple touch with glow light + case made by my girlfriend - I put scientific papers on this
Lens cloth and an emergency sewing kit
Sapphire blue zippo - for lighting Bunsen’s and acting cool
Pill case + very basic first aid kit (plasters, aspirin and caffeine) 
Ultrafire cree torch - Attaches to my bike
Victorinox Swiss champ - for fixing stuff (mainly an ancient machine i have to run some of my experiments on)
Mini locking pliers  - bike repairs, adjusting lab equipment 
Victorinox belt hook with keys, a photon light, a safety pin and a rubber band
Wenger Delemont Watchmaker 85 - Decent knife with a useful pry tool
Knock off Boker plus Vox tool - picked it up in China for £2.50. Used to open crates 
Knackered Casio watch with equally tatty Nato strap - Refuses to break
Mandatory paracord bracelet
Klipsch s4 (mk1) headphones  - good headphones, 5 years of use so far
Micro wallet  - i’m not a fan of change 
iGO sync and charge key ring
Sansa clizip 8gb (+64gb micrpo sd) - A recent replacement for my venerable ipod classic. Haven’t made my mind up about it yet

Next Up

Bomber Cord Survival Keychain

Fresh from delivering the most successful bag ever offered on Kickstarter, the folks behind the Bomber Barrel duffel bag are back with their latest project. They've taken the look, fit, and finish of the original bag and created a paracord keychain to complement the rest of the Bomber kit. The keychain makes use of the same military-grade clip from the Bomber Barrel and 1.5 meters of paracord as a suspension system for your keys and pocket tools, and the addition of a firestarting flint/steel adds to its usefulness as an emergency accessory. Along with the campaign for the keychain, the Bomber & Company team are also making the original Bomber Barrel kit available as a reward, allowing backers to pledge again for the entire set if they missed it the first time around. If you've been on the hunt for an urban, yet rugged set of bags and accessories for your everyday carry both in the city and on the trail, there's plenty of time left to pledge to the project.

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